5 Most affordable cell phone network providers

5 Most affordable cell phone network providers

After choosing a high-end smartphone from one of the best cell phone companies, opting for one of the top cell phone network companies can lead to high monthly cost. However, there are cheap options available in the market as well. If you have purchased a smartphone from one of the best cell phone companies, here are five affordable network providers that will help you save some bucks.

It offers attractive deals at a good price. It offers fair pricing for actual usage. The changing customer needs with passing time is also taken care of under their pricing policies. Ting offers GSM network through T-Mobile. It can be availed for $26 per month. One can save $1,469 over Verizon.

Republic Wireless
It offers free Wi-Fi and phone plans that are affordable. It can compete well with other carriers. Best plans for Republic Wireless can $30 that includes unlimited text and talk, Wi-Fi data with 2GB of cell data. The base plan is priced $15 for a month. It uses Sprint network. And can cost $25 per month.

Cricket Wireless
Cricket Wireless is one of the affordable networks. It is a non-contract mobile provider. It is owned by AT&T. It offers plans that are cheaper than those offered by its parent company. Its variety of prepaid plans starts at only $30 per month. Its offers include unlimited talk and text and a GB of data. This network can help you save $5 a month.

US Mobile
US Mobile is one of the newest wireless network providers. It operated with GSM SIM cards. It comes with an added facility that includes 252 plans in different combinations. It offers 24/7 customer services that can be availed via email and chat. There are no contracts and hidden fees and surcharges. Its plan can cost $2 per month, where you get 100 minutes with an additional payment of $3. A 100 MB of data can be bought for $2.

Virgin Mobile
It is a wireless provider that offers a significant discount and a variety of customer-friendly plans. Its plans come with unlimited data, text, and talk. It offers international calling to 70 countries with just $50 for a month. Its plans are contract-free that gives you the advantage of switching to any network provider. It can cost a total of $40 a month.