Here’s how to tap the best cell phone network

Here’s how to tap the best cell phone network

Just got a brand new phone? Still confused as to which network to choose? Networks are in plenty, but it is important to know which network will work best in your area.

Of course, we have the worst network, says no service provider ever. So when all phone service providers claim that they have the best mobile network, which one do you believe?

You often see advertisements where the big four carriers are there to outdo each other by making the buyer believe that they have the best network and coverage in every corner.

Choosing the best network
All your efforts of choosing the right plan with unlimited data and other freebies and perks are futile if you do not get the best mobile network. So, how will you land with the best network? Here are some pointers:

  • Decide your area of usage: Your decision to choose the best network depends on your area of usage. Whether you are using your phone at home or work, tells a lot about the coverage.
  • Flexible plans: Choose the plans that are flexible with your network. If you are going for a contract phone and then after some point want to switch carriers, then your plan should be flexible enough.
  • Budget: Budget plays a vital part in deciding the best mobile network. Know how much you are willing to stretch your dollar according to your usage.
  • Experiment: Experimentation is the key to know which network has wide coverage in rural and metropolitan areas. Try a carrier with a basic plan and check the frequency of dropped calls or upload and download speeds. You will get an idea of the network.
  • Value for money: Your network should have excellent customer care, coverage, speed, and reliability.

These factors can give you an insight while choosing the best mobile network. Also, note that all handsets are not compatible with some networks. You can choose any phone service provider, but if your network is not supporting it, then no good plan will not work.