Tips to take care of your Corvette

Tips to take care of your Corvette

There is no doubt that anybody who owns a classic Chevrolet Corvette takes great pride in the maintenance and aesthetic looks of the prized vehicle. No one accepts mediocre services, right? Corvette need the best care and so, it is important to have some tricks up the sleeves to take care of the vehicle. This will help in avoiding headaches associated with the same.

If you are checking out corvettes for sale, it is important to check the maintenance and care that the previous owner has provided to maintain the vehicle in the best possible condition. This will help to ensure that it was treated well and was maintained properly, thus ensuring that there will be no rude surprises waiting for the owner as he drives off with the vehicle paid for in cash.

Few things have to be taken into consideration i.e. how should the oil be changed and how should you lift it. Little know-how is also needed for lifting the Corvette. It’s not an average car and so, everything should be done properly. Most of them are enthusiasts and they always maintain it seriously. This way, the lifespan can be improved to a great extent and the performance is always at peak. When you lift it without any proper knowledge and tools, the result will be disastrous. There are specific points, wherein pressure should be applied. If you miss these pressure points, the fiberglass body will crack and even windows will break.

Since the task is very difficult; take it to a shop that specializes in Corvette services. If not, get a set of ramps so that you can do it yourself. Make sure you are doing it without any damage being caused to the same.

Sometimes, a mechanic is also needed so that the trunk, windows and the doors can be cracked. Although this is done only on C4 Corvettes, it can be tried on other models also. Some room to budge should be provided as it reduces chances of damage.

Also, jack up corvettes to avoid the wheels being stolen. Many people aren’t aware of this, but it’s actually a very important thing to be taken into consideration.