Troubleshooting Tips for Maytag Washing Machines

Troubleshooting Tips for Maytag Washing Machines

Maytag is a USA-based manufacturer of home appliances. The varied range of Maytag appliances comprises of cooking equipment, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers and vending units. The Maytag range of products is known for their quality performance and efficient after-sales services. You can refer to the Maytag washer reviews for learning more about Maytag appliances.

Here are some troubleshooting Guidelines that you can use in case a Maytag appliance is having some issues

  • It is normal for machines to break down due to wear and tear. However, repairing your washing machine can be quite a hassle. If you own a Maytag machine, it might be useful to learn a few troubleshooting methods by which you can repair the Maytag appliances on your own and without having to spend money on the repair work.
  • Most times, washing machines do not start because the door is not locked properly. Your machine will only operate once the door is shut properly.
  • If the water in your machine does not drain, it could be possible that the drain pump motor is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced with a new one.
  • The washing machines of the Maytag appliances range are equipped with sensors that communicate to the machine when the optimum water level has been reached so that it can begin the washing cycle. These sensors function by dislodging air in a tube that connects the washing drum to the sensor.
  • In case your machine does not start even though the door is shut tightly, you could detach the pipe from the drum and blow air in the pipe to build pressure. This will activate the sensor, and your machine will resume working properly.

Sometimes, the water source could be faulty due to which the machine is not able to draw water. Be sure to check if the water hoses or pipes are loose and fix them correctly if that seems to be the issue.

The owner’s manual is a handy guide that can help to troubleshoot any problems that are related to your washers. Be patient and read carefully.